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More $2 bags of Produce!

Photos by Melody Polakow


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Drink your greens!


Here’s a simple way to get more greens into your diet! Drink them!

Photo and Recipe by Melody Polakow

For a basic green smoothie you need:

1 frozen banana

2 cups greens (baby spinach, lettuce) or 1 cup baby collards/kale

1 cup water, non-dairy milk or milk

Blend until smooth. Make sure to add the liquid to the blender first!

You can add any other fruit you have on hand as well.  Frozen pineapple is great!

The other day I was chatting with some people about green smoothies in South Boston.  We got some papayas in our $2 bag that week and one of the women was really excited to try the green smoothie for her and her granddaughter!

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Nov 6 $2 bag!

November 6 $2 bag!

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The Fair Foods Blog

Welcome to the Fair Foods blog! This is our first post of what we hope will become a new meeting point for our community. Expect to find everything here from updates and Fair Foods news, to profiles of some of our staff and volunteers, to recipes and food tips. Contact us if you have any article ideas, or would like to write a guest post. Please don’t be shy, we have always been a community based organization, staffed by the same people we support, and our main reason for creating this blog is to hear more of what our community has to say. Post and comment with any feedback, stories, or new ideas, and if there is something you would like to see us doing, please call us, email us, or visit us at one of our Two Dollar a Bag sites.

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